What is Korfball?

Explanation Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUtJB5jBOis

Korfball originated in the Netherlands in the early 1900s and is now played in nearly 60 countries worldwide and will be in the 2028 Olympics. Korf means basket, so it is Dutch Basketball.  It is the only team sport in the world that has been designed to be played with mixed teams; a team comprises eight players - four male and four female.

It is also the only game where you can score from 360 degrees around the korf (basket), from behind, the sides and infront. The Korf is 3.5m above the ground, lower for younger players.  You can shoot any way you like although the prefered shooting style is two handed and can be both under and over arm. However, you are not allowed to shoot if you are being defended and so it makes it a fast paced, passing game.

You can only mark someone of the same gender, which makes for some interesting tactics when using set moves and plays.  You need to be an all round player, as every time two goals are scored, by either team, you switch ends.  This means that you have to develop both attacking and defending skills.

In you were trying to liken it to a sport you may be familiar with it has some similarities to basketball & netball, in terms of passing and footwork, except no dribbling.

Designed to be a non-contact sport, you are not allowed to take the ball or knock it from your oponent’s hands. 

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