U14 Squad Heading Up

Our U14 team played extremely well and won both games against Cambridge City (8-5) and Bucks Royals yesterday, Sunday 14th January 2018.

The Bucks Royals (or Milton Keynes) game was a walkover for us because they were a girl short. I am not sure about this (Steve will correct me) but the score is automatically 3-0. We played the game anyway for the experience and Charlotte kindly played for the other side. We won 15-1 but I don't think that score counts - shame!! 

The matches were really exciting and it was great to see that the lessons learned in training were being used on the court. The passing was excellent too and although we can log the scorers they are only able to score when there is quick, accurate passing by team members and there was! - great teamwork.

We are 4th in the League and once the website is updated with yesterday's results I can (or you can click below and check for yourself) let you know if we've closed the gap with 3rd placed Norfolk Dragons.


If we keep playing so well we could make it in to the top 3!

Next month's game will be on 25th February and the last of the season will be on 18th March.

With such brilliant play yesterday I have high hopes for the Inter Area this weekend. 

A big well done to your korfers and to our super coach, Steve.