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The young are leaving the nest!

With a new Uni year starting another group of talented youngsters will be leaving the Harrow Vultrix nest and joining clubs around the country!

Jane Mistry

2nd year at Liverpool uni, but with korf restarting she will be joining Manchester Warriors. Anyone that knows Jane, is aware what she is capable of (except maybe herself) having been a key part of our SERL team, she will slot right in with Warriors and help them in their search for promotion. Having already one MVP under her belt for Warriors 2, she will take Manchester by storm!

Regan Simmonds

Studying in Bath, Bristol Thunder is the closets korf for him.

Probably relatively unknown to the wider korf world as he only made his debut in the SERL last season. Soaking up all coaching, Regan has gone from strength to strength that season. Lockdown has seen him grow (in strength, height and confidence) and my guess is that he will surprise many next season. Not us though and we predict a maiden NL Goal this season: Thunder you got a goodun

Stephen McDonagh

Studying at Nottingham there was always going to be one place he was going to continue his Korfball career…….

Rebound giant, lovely shot, natural leader on the pitch and with a heart of gold! With the guidance of another Buttinger he will only continue to grow and I have no doubt a success in Notts. Definitely one to watch one to watch


‘Leaving’ her twin sister behind to study in London, people will finally be able to identify Meera from maya on the pitch 😂Studying in Nottingham she looks to be joining the Notts ranks as well. CERL warning:

Expect to come against a Rebounding powerhouse with tricky shots under the post and screamers from downtown, all with an incredible modesty!

Spread your wings and fly well young Vultrix

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